The Power of the Cardigan

The power of the cardigan is amazing.  They are perfect for all seasons and can make an outfit totally different.  It always amazes me how often I find myself grabbing for a cardigan.  When I look at the different areas of my closet, the biggest section of my closet is hands down cardigans.  They are a closet staple that I feel gets the most use for me.  In my mind you can never have to many!  This section is also the hardest for me to get rid of anything.  You never know when you need a certain color, length, or weight!

Disclaimer:  This post was done in collaboration with Gray Monroe and contains affiliate links.  All thoughts and content are my own.

Outfit Details || Dress: c/o Gray Monroe || Cardigan: Similar|| Sandals: Old Navy || Necklace: Purple Peridot || Earrings: Sugar Fix via Target || Sunglasses: Oakley ||

When shopping I love to find clothes that can pull double duty for me.  What I mean by that is clothes that can be worn to work and at home!  This dress from Gray Monroe fits this profile perfectly for me!  I love the fun and carefree print along with the flowy fit.  The best part about this dress is the fact that it has pockets!!!


While this dress is perfect for a summer day it is not perfect for school.  The spaghetti straps are just a bit to small to be work appropriate.  Here lies the power of a cardigan.  I love how just adding one pieces make it perfect for the work environment!  I could have added a plain black cardigan or a fun color, but I wanted to play around with some pattern mixing.  The monochromatic colors are perfect for tying the look together.  Since the cardigan is mainly black with this white stripes it helps to enhance this dress versus compete with it.



Unfortunately, this dress is sold out already.  When searching the website though I found so many dresses that can pull double duty just by throwing on a cardigan!  Here are some of my favorite styles!  You can shop all the cute styles here.  Which one is your favorite?


Huntley Dress


Mikah Maxi Dress


Pepper Dress






How to Wear a Blanket Scarf 6 Different Ways

I started switching my closet over today for cooler weather.  As I was organizing, I realized I may have a slight obsession with blanket scarves!  As I was folding and putting them  all away, I decided to do a post on how to style them.  I have had so many friends and family ask how exactly to wear a blanket scarf.  Wonder no more!  Here are 6 Ways to style a blanket scarf.  Please excuse the no make-up look since this was done without planning!  All of these looks were done with a blanket scarf that I have cut in half.  All of these looks can be done with a full-size blanket scarf also!



Look 1:  This style is the most common way to wear a blanket scarf.  All you do is place the longest point of your blanket scarf on your tummy, and wrap the ends around your neck.  This is the typical way I wear my scarves.


Look 2:  This second look is one of the easiest way to style a blanket scarf.    Take a scarf and throw it over your shoulders like a shawl.  I love to wear this style with dresses. If you want to dress it up more you can always add a belt.


Style 3:  This next look is just an easy way to dress up any look.  I took the blanket and wrapped it once around my neck.  To add a little dimension I knotted the ends.



Style 4:  This style is done exactly like style 1, but the ends are loosely knotted.



Style 5:  On this style I took my scarf and put it on just like style 3.  I then wrapped the ends around my neck and knotted in the back.  I tucked the knot under my hair and had an instant infinity scarf.


photo2Style 6:  I took the two ends of the scarf and matched them together.  I then took the scarf and wrapped it around my neck.  I tucked the ends through the loop at the end to give it this a more tailored look.

Which style are you going to try next!?!


Featured in this post||  Irma Tunic via Kristen Friend || Jeans:  Loft ||  Boots:  Nordstrom ||


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Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links.

Blanket Scarf: How to Cut

Fall is my absolute favorite season!  I love the clothing, colors, and the change in weather.  Thankfully, fall is finally arriving in Indiana.  One of my favorite fall clothing items to wear is a blanket scarf.  It adds instant coziness to any outfit.  Blanket scarves can be worn dressed up or casually.

One of my issues with blanket scarves is the size.  They are literally the size of a blanket!  I always feel like they are swallowing me whole!  A few years ago, I saw a lot of bloggers and Instagram ladies cutting their scarves in half.  I was torn between thinking they were genius and crazy!  I was worried if I cut my scarf that it wouldn’t be the same.


After realizing that I never wore my scarf because of the sheer size, I decided to take the plunge and cut it.  Once I cut my scarf I realized how less bulky it felt.  It looked great and I didn’t feel like I was drowning in yards of fabric.  Here is how I cut my scarves:



1.   Lay it out flat. Like I said they are huge!



2.   Then fold diagonally.  You will want to make sure that you line up the corners and edges.  Take your time on this step.  If you don’t your scarf will not turn out correctly.



3.  Make sure you have a good pair of scissors, and begin cutting.  I have a pair of sewing scissors I only use on fabric.  You will need to make sure that you cut slowly to keep the diagonal shape.



4.  Once you are done you now have two scarves! The edge is not perfectly straight, but it never shows when you are wearing you’re scarf.



They say two is better than one, but not when your scarves are the same pattern!  Find a friend who wants to cut their scarf and trade!  I gave the second half of this one to my momma.  She is the best and edits all of my posts!  I figured that it would be perfect payment for her constant help and encouragement!  What do you think about cutting your scarves, is this something you would like?

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