Lip Sense Review

Some of you may have heard me say before that I have never been a huge fan of lipstick.  The biggest reason being that I found that it never stayed on!  I thought it was such a waste to keep applying every 5 minutes.  When I found Lip Sense, I figured I might as well give it a try!  I was excited when De’dy from @stylishly.bold asked if I would do a review on the Lip Sense Product.


Lip Sense is a two step process that is super easy to use!  The process includes a lip color and a glossy gloss or a matte gloss.  I decided to go a little out of my comfort zone with strawberry shortcake.  I also wanted to give the matte gloss a try.


When applying the lip color make sure that you shake well.  I found after a few uses that it helps make the color a little more consistent.  The lip color is a thin liquid, but not messy!  When applying lip sense you want to make sure your lips are clean and free of any lip care product.    Once your lips are prepped add 3 coats of color waiting 5-10 seconds between applications.  Sometimes I have a faint tingling sensation as I apply the color, but it doesn’t last longer than a few seconds and isn’t painful.  Once your final coat dries apply the gloss.

I really liked the glossy gloss that I used in the past, but wanted less shine.  So I decided to give the matte gloss a try.  I actually like it as much as the glossy gloss.  The finish is light weight and gives your lips a gorgeous matte look.  When using the matte, though I found I needed to apply it more often to help keep my lips moisturized.



Lip Sense can last up to 14 hours for some people! have found that depending on the time of day I apply the color depends on how long the color lasts.  Today, I have applied this color at about 7:00 am, and it lasted pretty well until about 12:00.  I reapplied the matte gloss at regular intervals to help keep my lips moisturized.  I found though, that the color towards the inside of my lips started to fade pretty early on.  I think this was due to drinking my coffee from my travel mug.  When I have applied this lip color on the weekends or later in the day it seems to last longer.  I am not sure why that was other than the fact that I am not drinking from my mug. For me any color that lasts longer than an hour is a winner!

Individual colors are $25, Gloss is $20, or you can get a starter kit for $55.  The starter kit includes color, gloss, and oops remover.    One Lip Sense color equals 4 tubes of regular lipstick and has a shelf life of 2 years.  If you use the same tube daily Lip Sense will last 4-6 months.

If you want to give Lip Sense a try contact De’dy either through Instagram or email her at  If you mention shopaholicmama you can receive a 15% discount.



Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Do layer the colors with one another. Mixing 3 colors makes 27 different colors!
  2. Don’t rub lips together.
  3. Apply color in one direction across the lips.
  4. Don’t reapply after putting gloss or chapstick on.  I tried reapplying shortly after putting the gloss on and the lip color ended up feeling gritty.
  5. You want to make sure that you are careful not to let it drip on you.  If you happen to get it on an area where it is not wanted you can use the oops remover to help clean up any overage!   You can see the color after the first coat!


Disclaimer:  Thank you to De’dy for partnering with me on this post.  This product was given for review.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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