As I have gotten older, I have realized how important it is to have a sink care routine.  I have not always been the best at keeping to one.  With getting closer to the age of 40 I decided it was time to become a little more serious about my skin.  When Saranghae, a Korean company, contacted me about reviewing the product I jumped at the change.  I was excited that it was a 5 step routine and that everything was laid out for me.  I also love their philosophy that, “There is no such thing as an overnight miracle”, but establishing a nightly routine is crucial to obtain beautiful skin. Saranghae’s natural ingredients simply make this process easier.”

When I received the products in the mail I was anxious to get started.  In 2017, I was not using products consistently, and At that time I wasn’t using anything other than facial wipes to remove my makeup.  With the 5 Step Routine these are the products that I received:

1. The Saranghae Moisturizing oil + Foam Cleanser (formulated with Truffle extract and GOLD), which both hydrates and nourishes your skin while removing your make up.

When I first used this product I wasn’t sure about how dry my skin felt afterwards.  Once though I used the next two products though I changed my mind!  The cleanser made my face feel super clean.

2. The Saranghae Deep Radiance Essence+ Serum: Provides nutrients (antioxidants, amino acids, and vitamins) to your skin for healing and regeneration.

3. The Saranghae Firm & Lift Cellular Regeneration Cream: Which helps diminish age spots, decrease redness and visible signs of aging.

These two products are absolutely wonderful!  I love the way that they feel when I use them.  They are lightweight and leave my skin feeling extremely soft and smooth.  There is no gunky feeling like some moistures can make your skin feel.  I love that when I put my foundation on afterwards it makes my skin look extremely smooth and blemish free.

4. The Saranghae Focus Renewal Eye Cream: Helps restore vitality, diminish wrinkles, lifts and firms the skin, and lessons the appearance of dark circles.

This is probably my favorite product out of all of them!  I hate the dark circles that I constantly have no matter how much sleep that I get in a night. This I felt has helped reduced the appearance of the dark circles, and are easier covered by concealer.

5. The Saranghae Elemental Essence Mask: Helps reduce existing pigmentation over time for radiant skin.

The mask is perfect excuse to slip away and relax with some mommy time!


This post was done in collaboration with Saranghae.  All opinions are my own.  For more information



Lip Sense: Tips and Tricks

Outfit Details || Top: Loft || Shorts: Loft || Cardigan: Old Navy || Sandals: Blowfish || Purse: Simply9Designs || Necklace: Kendra Scott ||

I was contacted in November to do a review on Lip Sense which you can read here.  Since then I have learned some tips and tricks that have made me love lip sense even more!  The above picture was taken at 9:00 am before a busy day.


  1.  Make sure you lips are clean!  When I brush my teeth in the morning I make sure to run my toothbrush over my lips to help exfoliate.  Then before I apply my lip color I use the oops remover to make sure they are clear of any residue.
  2. Shake your lip sense.
  3. Apply to entire lip when applying.  I tend to have wearing on the inside of my lip first.
  4. Do not use too much product.  I had flaking when I first started using due to applying to much. Thin coats are the key!
  5. Keep applying the lip gloss throughout the day.  This helps to keep the color lasting longer.
  6. If the inside of my lips start to fade I add 1-2 layers just in that area.

If you are interested in trying lip sense contact @xoxolipstickjunkie on instagram or on Facebook.  Thank you for giving me the chance to try party pink! It has made me step outside of my comfort zone.  It is such a great color for spring and summer!

Taken at 11:00 am after a trip to the grocery, and brunch at my moms.


Taken after first baseball practice at 2:30.


Last picture was taken on the way home from the second baseball practice at 4:45.  The lip color still looked great after being in the sun all day!  Senegence has condensed its color selection to the top 36 colors to make to help better keep up with demand.  Below are the current colors that are available!


Make-up Current Favs

I love make-up, but I have never been very knowledgeable.  I am never sure on what products are the best, and what are necessities!  Over the last few months I have been able to try some new products that I am really enjoying!  Through recommendations from a sweet friend at work, and great programs like Influenster and PinchMe I have stepped outside of my make-up comfort zone!  Here are some of my current favs right now!  What make-up product is your favorite and you cannot live without?


  1.  Sally Hansen Miracle Gel: I love to have my nails done, but hate the upkeep of going to a salon.   The polishes that can be used at home don’t last longer than a few days.  I was excited to find Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel.  It is a super easy 2 step process that does not require a UV light to set.  The polish lasts normally for me up to a week.  I find that if I reapply after 5-7 days that it will last almost 2 weeks.  For a busy working mom this is perfect!
  2. Benefit cosmetics  Big Easy Multi Balancing Complexion Perfector:  I have never been big on wearing foundation.  My biggest issue was finding a shade that was just right and that felt lightweight when I applied.  I hate feeling like I have make-up caked on my face!  I love how this liquid-to- powder formula finishes lightweight & smooth like a powder.  The Big Easy also contains a SPF 35 to help prevent aging.  Right now at Ulta there is a gift with purchase, too!
  3. Urban Decay- Make-up Setting Spray:  This product I received as a free gift with purchase.  I was doubtful that it would do anything to help with making my make-up stay longer.  Boy was I wrong!  I notice that my make-up lasts up to 6 hours longer than when I do not apply!
  4. Urban Decay-  Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion:  If you haven’t tried this primer you need to run out and buy!  This is one of my favorite products that I have ever used!  I can apply my eyeshadow at 7 am and it will last until 7pm when I go to remove it in the evenings!  I have had my bottle since last March, and use it almost every day!
  5. Two Faced- Better Than Sex:  Last year I saw a post from @StylishProfessor on Instagram for recommendations on mascara.  Since, I am a novice on make-up I am always willing to try recommendations from people who know more than me!  The one that kept reappearing was from Two Faced.  I decided to see what all the hype was about.  I ended up loving this product!  The formula was thick and didn’t clump like some of the drug store brands I have used in the past.  Usually one application is enough to make your lashes full, and defined.  The more you apply the fuller and longer they look!
  6. L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Primer:  I received this product to review from Influenster.  This is one of my favorite products that I have received!  I find that when I use the primer I do not have to curl my lashes! This can be used with your favorite mascara to amplify any lash look.  Lashes look instantly thicker, and longer.
  7. Urban Decay Naked 2:  I absolutely love this neutral palette!  There are so many shades that can be mixed and matched.  For a make-up novice I love all of the tutorials out there!  You can go anywhere from a neutral day look to a sexy smoky eye for an evening out!  I also have the Naked 3 palette, but this is the one I am always reaching for!


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YSL Vinyl Cream Lip Stain Review

I have never been one to wear lipstick.  It would not last, and I could never find the right color.  Recently, I have been stepping out of my comfort zone with make-up and trying new items.  Influenster has been a huge factor in this change since I have received so many great items to review.

I recently received the Yves St. Laurent Vinyl Cream Lip Stain to review.  This product is available at Sephora.  When I first saw the color I was a little scared.  It was bright, and not in my normal neutral color palette.  Once I applied this lip color, I realized how gorgeous  it was!  The texture was smooth and not sticky.  It also stayed much longer than most other lipsticks I have tried.



I decided to put this lip stain to the test today.  I applied the lip color at 8:45 am before church.  After applying I finished my cup of coffee and then took my first snapshot.


At 10:45, 2 hours after applying, it still looked great!  I snapped this picture in the car after church!  Still bright and shiny.  I think the people walking past my car was wondering what in the world I was doing!


After church, I stopped by to help my sister-in-law with putting some outfits together.  I got home at 12:45.  Another 2 hours later and the shine was gone, but the color was still going.  I was really excited that after 4 hours that I still had so much color!


After lunch, at around 1:45 the color had finally faded.  The color had lasted roughly 5 hours!  This was pretty impressive by my standards. This is definitely one of the most long-lasting,  lipsticks I have ever used!



I am looking forward to trying some different colors to see if they last as long!   Here are all the fabulous colors that are available!  I have become a huge fan and I give YSL Lip stain a HUGE thumbs up!  What is your favorite lip product?

Disclaimer:  Thank you to influenster for partnering with me for this post.  Products were given complimentary for testing purposes.  All opinions are my own.